Juneberry crop profile: Some basic information about the crop.

Selecting a site for planting juneberries: Soils, sun, and other tips

Juneberry Quick Start guide: Read this sheet if you want to get plants in the ground right away!

Juneberry/ saskatoon growth and development after planting: What to expect and what to do during the first few years of juneberry cultivation.

Planting Juneberries/Saskatoons: Layout, transplanting, mulching, and browse protection.

Pre- and Post-Planting Weed Control for Juneberries/ Saskatoons: How to control competing weeds.

Purchasing juneberry/saskatoon nursery stock: Looking at nursery stock alternatives like bare-root dormant and potted transplants.

Soil testing and fertility for juneberry/saskatoon production (PDF): What the plants need for soil fertility.